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We’re excited to show you our new website! But we’re just as excited to unveil our new pediatric dental blog in Kirkland. You can check back here routinely to get tips and advice for keeping your kids’ mouths healthy and their smiles bright. If you need to make an appointment with Dr. Susan, just give us a call today at [phone]. Our friendly staff will be glad to help you.

This edition of our blog focuses on some of the aspects of our practice that set us apart from the rest.

We Provide Sedation For Relaxing Dental Care

Since kids are our only patients, we know them pretty well. We understand that some children need a little extra help to sit comfortably through their exam or procedure. We make it easier for kids by offering two terrific choices for sedation. We’ll discuss both options with you and help you decide what’s best for your child.

Your choices include inhaled sedation with laughing gas and general anesthesia administered by a medical anesthesiologist in our office. Laughing gas is a completely safe mild sedative that works great for relaxing kids. General anesthesia is helpful for special needs patients, kids who have trouble sitting still, or kids who need an extended procedure.

Parents Love Our Special Offers

We love doing our part to make sure every child receives beneficial dental care. One way we do that is by offering our $99 New Patient Special. Your child will receive a comprehensive exam, teeth cleaning, and X-rays. It’s our way of introducing you and your child to our dental care at a special reduced price.

Another way to save money on your child’s dental care is with our EPD Smile Dental Plan. With your paid annual enrollment, your child will receive two dental cleanings, two exams, and X-rays as needed. Plus, you’ll get 15 percent off restorative dental treatments like fillings and crowns and 10 percent off preventive treatments like dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

Kids Love Our Pain-Free Treatment

Many of us have endured painful dental procedures, especially as kids. We don’t want your kids to experience anything like that, so we do all we can to provide comfortable, pain-free care. We use The Wand® system for syringe-free anesthesia that numbs a single tooth painlessly. This also allows patients to return to school immediately after appointments, without worrying about how they will look, talk, eat, or drink.

With the ICON no-drill tooth filling system, we repair dental damage without a drill and without removing healthy tooth structure as a conventional filling requires. This system works well when decay is caught in its early stages. We can place a tooth-colored filling comfortably and even repair white spots on your child’s teeth with this treatment.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of our pediatric dental blog in Kirkland! If you need to make an appointment for your child, call us today at [phone] or make an appointment [contact_us loc=”1″ text=”online”].

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