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  • Your child will relax with a choice of two methods of sedation, either laughing gas or general anesthesia.
  • We offer syringe-free anesthetic using The Wand®. Kids don’t have to worry about any big, scary needles.
  • Your child will love our kid-focused environment where we focus on providing gentle dentistry with a compassionate touch.

Give Your Child Relaxing Care With Our Kirkland Sedation Options

At Evergreen Pediatric & Airway Dentistry, we believe in giving kids the most comfortable dental treatment we can. Positive dental experiences early on can help set them up for beautiful, healthy smiles for life. That’s why Dr. Susan and our team offer Kirkland sedation options to help your child receive the smile care they need in a pleasant environment. Advantages of our treatment include:

  • Choices for sedation that include laughing gas and general anesthesia
  • Syringe-free anesthetic using The Wand® that numbs their mouth without any pain
  • A compassionate team who will thoroughly explain your child’s treatment so you both understand it
  • A fun, kid-centered office environment with a play area and TVs above every patient chair for distraction
  • Thorough communication so you and your child know what to expect

Our goal is to give your child a wonderful dental experience. Come see what we’re all about! Call us today at 425-814-3196 to schedule your child’s appointment. You’ll find our office on Totem Lake Boulevard Northeast, off I-405 and not far from the Village at Totem Lake.

Dental Sedation Can Make It Easy for Your Child to Get the Care They Need

We get it – kids don’t always enjoy their dental care. Often, they’re scared about what they’ve seen on TV or heard from other kids, and that impacts their ability to sit comfortably in the dental chair.

Our team makes it easier for kids – including those with special needs – to get the care they need with our dental sedation options. We’ll talk with you and them about any concerns you have. From there, we can help you decide if sedation is right for your child and, if so, which method will be best. Your options include:

  • Inhaled Sedation With Laughing Gas – This sweet-smelling gas is safe for kids. It will give them an all-over feeling of calm that will help them “float” through their visit. They’ll wear a comfortable mask through which they’ll breathe in the gas. Best of all, the sedative effects vanish quickly once the mask is removed, so they won’t feel groggy afterward.
  • General Anesthesia – For more intense dental anxiety or for more complicated procedures, a medical anesthesiologist will safely administer this type of sedation in our office. Your child will be in a state similar to sleep, in which they won’t experience any of the sights, sounds, or smells of their procedure. They may feel a little groggy for a few hours after using this type of sedation.

In addition to sedation, we also offer painless local anesthetic with The Wand® syringe-free anesthetic. Kids love that there are no syringes involved and their face won’t “feel funny” following their procedure.

Give your child a relaxing dental experience with our Kirkland sedation options. Call us today at 425-814-3196 to schedule an appointment. You can also schedule online.

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Common Questions About Sedation Options

Does sedation dentistry work for most children?

Yes, our dental sedation will work for most kids. We offer two options because we understand that different children will respond better to different sedation methods. We’ll go over the details of both options and help you decide which one will work better for your child’s situation and specific needs.

Are your sedation options safe?

Yes, we only use safe, time-tested sedation options at Evergreen Pediatric & Airway Dentistry. Laughing gas, or inhaled sedation, is mild and gentle enough that it is completely safe to use for kids. For more intense dental anxiety or if your child is simply unable to sit comfortably through their exam or procedure, we also offer general anesthesia administered by a medical anesthesiologist.

How long does dental sedation last?

The length of the sedative effect varies, depending on the type of sedation used. For laughing gas, your child will inhale the gas through a mask worn over their nose. It wears off quickly when the mask is removed and they won’t feel groggy afterward. In contrast, they may feel the effects of general anesthesia for several hours after their procedure.

Is dental sedation covered by insurance?

Dental sedation for certain procedures is at least partially covered by many insurance plans. You will need to talk to your dental insurance provider to find out more about your child’s specific coverage. We will be happy to assist you further in figuring out the most affordable way to maximize your child’s comfort with dental sedation.