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Most kids love science experiments. We do too – especially if they help illustrate the importance of daily tooth brushing. Check out this video for a fun tooth brushing experiment that makes good use of a hard-boiled egg. We bet you still may have extra eggs on hand after Easter!

The video shows how dark, acidic liquids like soda discolor your teeth and how brushing removes the discoloration. After seeing the video, your child will better understand how brushing can keep their teeth healthy and looking good.  

In addition to brushing every day, your child should visit our Kirkland, WA office every six months for a dental exam and cleaning. The cleaning removes the bacteria it’s easy to miss at home to keep their teeth in top shape. The exam gives our team the opportunity to find any problems in their earliest stage when they are easy to treat. For example, we can use drill-free fillings to repair small cavities. 

To schedule your child’s next exam, call Evergreen Pediatric & Airway Dentistry at [phone] today. 

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