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Are you looking for the HealthyStart system for your child’s sleep? You know that feeling when your kid is being a total grouch monster in the morning? Yawning, grumpy, refusing to eat their breakfast…maybe even throwing a tantrum before school? Yeah, that’s probably because they didn’t sleep well. Again.

As parents, we expect our little ones to be bouncing off the walls full of energy every day. But the truth is, many kids struggle to get quality sleep at night due to breathing issues and sleep disordered breathing problems. That’s a huge problem, because good sleep is critical for their growth, behavior, and ability to focus.

The good news is there’s a solution called the HealthyStart system that can get your child’s breathing back on track AND give them a straighter smile without braces. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is The HealthyStart System?

HealthyStart is a totally non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach to opening up those little airways and straightening teeth without the need for traditional braces.

It’s a system that’s rooted in over 50 years of research and has already treated millions of kids worldwide. HealthyStart uses a series of gentle oral appliances to address symptoms of sleep disordered breathing – something a whopping 9 out of 10 children suffer from to some degree.

These breathing symptoms often go undiagnosed or untreated, and they can worsen over time if not corrected early on. That’s where HealthyStart comes in – it aims to solve these issues through natural, pain-free development when kids are young.


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Why Healthy Breathing Matters For Kids

Here’s the reality – breathing issues and sleep disordered breathing are often the overlooked culprits behind struggles with sleep, growth, behavior and development in children. You might not realize just how many kids suffer from some level of obstructed airways.

For many, the root cause stems from the jaws and oral cavities being too narrow or restricted. This leaves inadequate space for the tongue, which can then block the airway during sleep. That’s what triggers conditions like sleep apnea, where the child’s breathing is interrupted repeatedly all night long.

For others, the lack of proper jaw development forces them into becoming relentless “mouth breathers” since they can’t pull in enough air through their tiny nasal passages.

Either way, disturbed breathing and fragmented sleep have huge impacts:

  • Missing out on the deep, restorative sleep cycles crucial for growth
  • Behavior problems, inability to focus, and poor performance at school
  • Setting the stage for future oral health issues like crooked teeth

The HealthyStart system is designed to open those airways and promote proper oral development early on. That way, kids can simply breathe, sleep, grow, and thrive like they’re supposed to – while getting the added bonus of straighter teeth!

How The HealthyStart System Works

So how does this HealthyStart system actually work its magic? It’s all about using a progressive series of gentle, removable oral appliances and simple exercises.

The appliances are designed to re-train the tongue’s resting posture and jaw positioning. This creates more space in the oral cavity as the child grows. Elastics and soft plastic components apply light, painless forces to help expand the arches and straighten the teeth over time.

Specific HealthyStart appliances also help open and unblock the nasal airways. This makes it easier for kids to breathe through their noses instead of being stuck as mouth-breathers.

Myofunctional exercises like specific tongue movements and swallowing patterns reinforce the new muscle habits and oral posturing too.

The process is completely customized based on each child’s growth and developmental needs. Treatment can take anywhere from several months to a couple of years. But the time commitment is pretty minimal – just wearing the appliances and doing the exercises for a few hours per day.

One of the biggest benefits of HealthyStart is that it can eliminate the future need for barbaric treatments like painful palate expanders to widen the arches. As one HealthyStart provider put it, “It’s always easier to mold and guide growth than try to reverse developmental issues later.”

Healthy start kirkland waCatching Breathing Issues Early Is Key

Many kids’ breathing and airway issues often go undetected until more serious symptoms appear later in childhood – things like crooked teeth, sleep apnea, poor growth patterns, etc. But by that point, their jaws and oral structures have mostly completed developing.

Trying to reverse those issues after the fact requires much more invasive, expensive, and involved treatments. We’re talking headgear, pulling teeth, surgical jaw expansions, CPAP machines for sleep apnea…not pleasant!

The HealthyStart approach is based on the philosophy that it’s far better to promote optimal growth and development from an early age. That’s when guiding those oral structures is easy.

Parents should look out for red flags like:

If you notice any of those, it’s wise to have your child evaluated by a dentist or ENT before age 8. That’s when interventions like HealthyStart can have the biggest impact on their airway and breathing development.

The Sky’s The Limit With Good Breathing

With HealthyStart’s gentle guidance, many kids see incredible improvements in their sleep, breathing, behavior, and ability to thrive. Properly developing those oral structures opens up a world of possibilities!

Sure, getting a lifetime of straighter smiles without braces is one of the big perks. But ultimately, establishing good breathing habits and unobstructed airways provides benefits that go far beyond just a pretty smile.

We’re talking being able to experience restful, uninterrupted sleep every single night. Having the oxygen levels and quality sleep necessary for reaching one’s full growth potential. Being able to focus, learn, and perform academically without the obstacles of breathing issues.

In short, HealthyStart helps put kids on the path to breathing (and living) with ease and vitality. It’s an investment in helping each child become the healthiest, brightest, and most fulfilled version of themselves possible.

Act Now For Your Child’s Optimal Breathing & Development!

At Evergreen Pediatrics & Airway Dentistry, we understand just how crucial proper breathing and healthy oral development is for allowing kids to thrive. That’s why Dr. Susan Kim passionate about using the Vivos system to set children up for a lifetime of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep and easy breathing.

Here’s how we can help guide your child’s airway and sleep:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of their breathing, sleep patterns, oral posture and development
  • Customized treatment plan using the progressive appliances and exercises
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustments based on your child’s growth over time
  • Guidance on myofunctional habits and routines to reinforce proper breathing
  • The option for a straighter, broader smile without the need for traditional braces

Don’t let breathing issues compromise your child’s well-being, growth or ability to perform their best. Schedule an evaluation today with Dr. Susan at Evergreen Pediatrics & Airway Dentistry, and get your child on the path to better health and easier living. You can also call us at 425-814-3196.

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Q: At what ages can HealthyStart treatment be done?

A: The HealthyStart system can be used from as early as the newborn stage all the way through the pre-teen years when developmental growth is happening.

Q: Does it really work to straighten teeth without braces?

A: Yes! By promoting proper oral posture and enough space in the arches from an early age, HealthyStart can guide the teeth into alignment without the need for traditional braces in many cases.

Q: How much time is required each day?

A: Treatment typically involves wearing the HealthyStart appliances for just a couple of hours per day, along with doing some simple exercises for reinforcement.

Q: Is HealthyStart affordable compared to braces?

A: HealthyStart treatment tends to have a much lower overall cost compared to comprehensive multi-year orthodontic treatment involving braces or aligners. But costs can vary.

Q: Are there any pain or side effects with HealthyStart?

A: No, HealthyStart is a completely non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, and pain-free approach to developing the oral cavity and straightening teeth. There are no significant side effects.

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