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With Thanksgiving coming in a few weeks, you’re probably planning on what foods to put on the holiday table. As your dentist, we hope you’ll choose options that are healthy for your smile. The good news is, the same foods are good for the rest of you too. 

We are happy to discuss nutritional choices or any other aspect of your child’s oral health with you any time you visit us for an exam or other service in our Kirkland, WA office. In the meantime, check out our list of best Thanksgiving foods:

  • No Surprise, Serve Veggies – Vegetables are good for your teeth – and the rest of your body. They contain vitamins and minerals that offer lots of dental benefits. We know it can be tough to get kids – and many adults – to eat veggies. Try serving them with cheese sauce and dips like Ranch or hummus. Or prepare them in the air fryer. 
  • Turkey Is a Great Choice – Fortunately, the centerpiece of most holiday tables does good things for your smile. The meat is packed with phosphorus and protein, both of which help strengthen your teeth. 
  • Drink Water, Not Soda – One of the best things you can do is to serve water instead of soda or other beverages that contain sugar and acids. Drinking water with your holiday meal also helps rinse away problematic substances from your teeth. 
  • Minimize Starches – Highly starchy foods are as damaging to teeth as sugary ones. Try to lessen the amount of starch on the table when you can. Choose russets, which are less starchy than other types of potatoes. Or even better, serve sweet potatoes instead. Offer whole-grain breads instead of white bread and brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Stock Up on Teeth-Friendly Snacks – Your best choices for snacks include raw fruits and veggies, cheese, and nuts. With their high fiber and water content, some raw vegetables and fruits act almost like a natural “toothbrush” in helping remove harmful substances from teeth. 
  • Choose Pumpkin for Your Pie – When you’re ready for dessert, this holiday favorite is one of your best options. Pumpkin has magnesium and calcium, both of which protect teeth from cavities. In addition, pumpkin is less likely to stain teeth than treats containing berries. 

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