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To keep your children’s teeth in great shape, we want them to follow the same oral hygiene routine we recommend for adults: brushing teeth for two full minutes at least twice a day. Of course, that can be tough for many kids, who have trouble focusing on anything for two minutes!

Check out our list of tips for encouraging kids to brush. We’re happy to address any questions you have about your child’s oral care during your regular visits to our Kirkland, WA office. If you need to schedule one, call Evergreen Pediatric & Airway Dentistry today at [phone].

Our brushing tips:

  • Show Them How It’s Done – Many kids like to model what their parents do – until they hit the teen years anyway. So invite your children in when you brush. Show them how fun it can be. For example, you can play “man in the mirror.” Face off and brush simultaneously. Throw in a few weird faces and funny noises if you’d like. 
  • Give Them a Villain to Fight – Bacteria in your mouth does some pretty awful things. It interacts with sugars to create the plaque that causes cavities. Create a story in which your child takes on the bacteria. Let them know they need to brush all areas of their mouth, since the sneaky bacteria will try to hide. Then turn them loose!
  • Add Music – There’s a reason many preschool teachers put on music to get kids to put away toys and do other tasks. It works! Let your child pick the music. Make sure the song is at least two minutes long. You can use the free Brush DJ app. It has other cool features, like the ability to set brushing reminders. 
  • Use the Right Gear – There are lots of fun and kid-oriented toothbrushes and toothpastes. Take your kids shopping and let them pick out their own. Just make sure to use a soft-bristled brush with a head that is small enough to easily fit in their mouth. 
  • Reward the Right Behavior – Here’s another tip borrowed from preschool teachers: use a chart to note and reward brushing achievements. Give them a gold star (or fun sticker) every time they brush their teeth for two minutes. Establish a goal for them to hit and, when they do, reward them with a favorite treat or activity. 

Again, our team is always happy to answer questions? Call us at [phone].

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