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With spring sports around the corner, you are likely preparing to buy gear for your child to ensure they stay safe. Mouthguards are a must-have item for high-contact sports, such as hockey or football. However, the last thing you want to buy is a poorly made item that doesn’t offer much protection. That’s why you want a custom-fit athletic mouthguard! This will:

  • Protection Against Injury – Custom-made mouthguards will offer better protection against injury to the face or mouth. As a result, your child can avoid a dental emergency, such as their teeth getting knocked out or broken. Plus, the soft tissues in their mouth, such as their tongue, lips, and cheeks also get protection too.
  • Better Protection – Because this is designed uniquely for your child’s mouth, it will be easier for them to wear and stay in place. It also offers more complete protection against blows to the face. Plus, because the best materials are used to create the mouthguard, it’s more durable as well.
  • Easier to Wear – Due to their custom fit, our mouthguards will be more comfortable for your child to wear. They’ll be able to speak and breathe comfortably while they play sports as well. This will encourage them to continue wearing the mouthguard on the field.
  • Cost-Effective – While the initial costs of a customized mouthguard may be higher than the store-bought ones, you save money in the long run. These mouthguards are far more durable and won’t require replacing as quickly. Plus, you also avoid expensive dental restorations too.
  • Show Off Team Colors – Your athletic guard can be customized to match your child’s team uniform. It will give them a sense of team spirit and help them express their individuality. As a result, they may also be more likely to wear it.
  • Safe Participation – You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child is enjoying sports safely. Wearing a mouthguard will help them learn the importance of protecting their teeth and mouth. You can also use it as a teaching moment by showing them professional sports players that wear a mouthguard when they play.

A custom-fit athletic mouthguard is the best way of keeping your child’s smile strong and healthy during the sports season. Skip the store-bought ones and visit Evergreen Pediatric & Airway Dentistry in Kirkland, WA instead to have your child’s mouthguard created. Call us at [phone] or [contact_us text=”schedule online”] for an appointment.

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