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You’ve likely heard of a root canal – or maybe even had one. However, many folks haven’t heard of a pulpotomy, despite the fact it’s performed for the same reason – to avoid losing a damaged tooth to infection. 

If your child has an infected tooth, we can perform a pulpotomy in our Kirkland, WA office. As with any health care your child receives, you’ll want to inform yourself about the procedure before agreeing to it. Dr. Susan is happy to answer any questions you have. In the meantime, here are four facts about this restorative treatment:

  • It Makes Your Child’s Pain Go Away – Like a root canal, a pulpotomy is needed if bacteria gets into the soft pulp of your child’s tooth. When this happens, it often causes a painful infection. Left untreated, it will result in the loss of the tooth. So the most important thing to know is, your child’s toothache will go away after they’ve had their procedure. 
  • It Is Less Involved Than a Root Canal – Unlike a root canal, a pulpotomy leaves a tooth’s roots and pulp in place. That means the roots can still grow. Dr. Susan will examine your child to make sure infection isn’t in or near the tooth root. If it is, a root canal may be needed instead. 
  • It Improves Your Child’s Oral Health – Without treatment, further damage can occur to your child’s tooth, causing them to lose it. It’s best to keep tooth structure in place, especially during development, since it affects your child’s bite and other aspects of their dental health. 
  • It Reinforces the Importance of Proactive Care – The best way to avoid either procedure is by taking good care of your teeth. A tooth usually becomes infected from either a deep cavity or an injury such as a broken tooth. Bringing your child to see us for regular exams and dental cleanings helps avoid both issues. If you see us every six months, we can repair any small cavities so they don’t get bigger and cause more problems. In many cases, we may be able to treat a small cavity without drilling into a tooth!

Does your child have a toothache? Call Evergreen Pediatric & Airway Dentistry ASAP at [phone]. In most cases, we’ll be able to offer you a same-day appointment. 

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