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Setting your child up for success is a great way to help them start positive dental habits that will last a lifetime. Pediatric dentistry is not just about caring for developing teeth, it’s about establishing good habits, teaching healthy oral behaviors, and ensuring your child’s teeth are developing in the best way possible.  

But how do you set your little one up for a successful visit to the dentist chair? Well, getting your little one ready starts at home. Dr. Kim has a few helpful tips to prepare your child for their care and ways to help them maintain good dental health while at home.  Here they are: 

1.Plan When To Visit

Make early appointments that don’t conflict with nap or mealtime. Young children do best when they’re well rested. The best time for a young child’s dental visit is in the morning. 

2.Make Dental Appointments A Priority 

Early dental experiences will set the tone for how your child will forever view their trips to the dentist. Make these visits a priority. Missing a small amount of preschool can lead to a lifetime of anxiety-free dental visits for your child.

3. Lead By Example

Set a good example by letting your child see you brush and floss regularly.  Also, keep a positive tone when talking about the dentist and oral care. Never discuss visiting the dentist as a negative experience or a punishment. 

These are just a few simple tips to help your child have a positive dental experience.  Getting them to have a good experience will help keep their oral health and total body health in good condition for the rest of their life. Call Evergreen Pediatric & Airway Dentistry today at [phone] or schedule an appointment online in Kirkland, WA.

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