Keep Your Child Relaxed With Our Dental Sedation Options

We understand that many children are scared, or even terrified, of going to the dentist. Often, kids hate the idea of anyone else poking around in their mouth. Yet routine dental care is essential if your child is going to maintain optimal oral health and an attractive smile.

If your child is nervous about their dental visits, we have good news for you. Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry offers two options for dental sedation. We provide two options because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. There are different types of pediatric patients with different needs and concerns. Our team will happily discuss both sedation methods with you and your child and help you decide which one will best suit their needs. Our two options are:

  • Inhaled Sedation With Laughing Gas – Your child will breathe in a sweet-smelling gas that will immediately give them an all-over feeling of lightness. They’ll relax instantly and won’t worry about dentistry.
  • General Anesthesia – A medical anesthesiologist will administer this type of sedation, carefully monitoring your child and making adjustments as needed during their procedure. Your child won’t experience any of the sensations of their treatment, and they won’t remember anything about it afterward.

In addition to dental sedation, we’re proud to feature The Wand® that we use for local anesthesia. Unlike conventional local anesthesia that uses a large syringe, The Wand® is computer-controlled to slowly deliver the anesthesia.

The result is pain-free anesthesia without a big scary syringe that can give kids nightmares. Plus, this system can numb just a single tooth, so your child won’t be stuck with part of their face numb for hours after their procedure.

When your child needs sedation in Woodinville, WA, call Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry at 425-800-0578. You can also make an appointment online.