Your Child’s Smile Will Receive the Restorative Care That It Needs

The team at Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry loves aiding our patients to smile confidently and to take pleasure in their favorite foods once more. Our restorative dental solutions get your kids’ smile back on track, so they can return to living their happy lives. Plus, we’ll use advanced dental technology for diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that you get the very best care feasible.

To make sure your little ones are comfortable while you remain in our care, we offer facilities that will assist you feel comfortable. If there’s anything they require to help you loosen up, simply allow us to know. We additionally offer sedation to fit your desires. It will certainly take the edge off of stress and anxiety and allow them to relax during their procedure.

We these restorative services:

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings – Our fillings will certainly fix damage to their teeth and rebuild their ability to eat without pain or sensitivity. Plus, our filling are made to match the natural color of their teeth.
  • No-Drill Fillings – Using ICON technology, we can remove decay from a tooth without the need for a drill.
  • Dental Crowns – A brand-new crown will fix a harmed or unhealthy tooth, blending in perfectly with the rest of your smile.
  • Pulpotemies – This is similar to a root canal, but less extensive.

If you have any questions about our procedures or our approach to patient care, don’t hesitate to ask. We want you to have the information that you need to feel comfortable. We also want to make dental care easier for your family. This is why we offer a variety of payment option, including our EPD Smile Dental Plan, which includes a discount on restorative services.

Don’t postpone in contacting your Kingsgate, WA restorative dentist! Call Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry today at 425-800-0578 or schedule online to set up a consultation.