Pick Pediatric Dental Care to Protect Your Favorite Smiles

Every child deserves the best smile care that they can receive from our Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry team. You and your kids should feel good when it comes to your oral health. Let us know if you have any concerns, and we can address them. We also explain things in a way that is easy to understand.

To get the best care, your children have to feel comfortable and relaxed. This is why we have invested in kid-friendly solutions, such as drill-free fillings and syringe-free local anesthesia. To ease nervousness and anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry at our practice. Laughing gas and general anesthesia (administered by a medical anesthesiologist) are both excellent ways to keep patients relaxed and pain-free. Children can sit comfortably for extended times with sedation, too. Talk to us if you are interested in either of our sedation choices.

By coming to our office, your loved ones can receive any of these services:

  • Pediatric Exams – Infants and small toddlers often receive “lap-to-lap” examinations, which help kids adjust to visiting the dentist. This also is an opportunity for our team to discover small problems before they become big ones.
  • Dental Cleanings – Professional cleanings remove cavity-causing bacteria, plaque, and tartar. This also reduces the risk of gum disease and other oral health issues.
  • Fluoride Varnish – Fluoride makes teeth less likely to develop cavities because these treatments makes teeth stronger.
  • Digital X-rays – With digital X-rays, our patients have low exposure to radiation compared to film X-rays. X-rays are an integral part of your children’s checkups since they help us monitor the development of their bones and teeth.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings – Cavities don’t have to spoil your kids’ smiles. Protect their teeth with natural-looking composite resin fillings, which can be shaded to match their teeth.
  • ICON Drill-Free Fillings – Repair a decayed tooth without the noise or vibrations of a drill. We use a penetrating liquid to prepare the tooth instead.
  • Metal-Free Dental Crowns – Get a ceramic crown to restore the function and the appearance of your child’s broken tooth.
  • Pulpotomies – Revolve infected tissue from the inside of a tooth. Next, fill the pulp chamber to prevent the infection from spreading and to reinforce the tooth.

Choose a caring pediatric dentist in Renton, WA. We are eager to help your loved ones! Call 425-800-0578 now or schedule online to make an appointment at Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry.