Ensure Your Child’s Smile Stays Healthy With Our Pediatric Care

Kids need good routine dental care to keep their smiles bright and their mouths healthy. Along with proper brushing and flossing at home, their in-office dental care helps form the foundation for a lifelong smile.

We know that many kids are afraid of the dentist. Perhaps they’ve already had a negative experience in the dental chair, or they just don’t like the idea of anyone poking around inside their mouth.

That’s why the team at Evergreen Pediatric Dentistry will take every measure possible to make sure your child’s visit with us is a positive one. We’ll go at a pace that’s comfortable for them, plus we offer safe and gentle sedation options that will help them relax while we take care of their smiles.

We offer all the services your child needs for a healthy smile, including:

  • Dental Exams and Cleanings – Regular checkups will help spot dental problems early, when they’re more easily treated.
  • Restorative Dentistry – We provide drill-free fillings when possible and syringe-free anesthesia using The Wand®.
  • Digital X-rays – These X-rays expose your child to a fraction of the radiation that standard X-rays do.
  • Fluoride Varnish – We’ll apply fluoride to their tooth enamel to protect against cavities.
  • Nutritional and Dietary Guidance – Proper nutrition plays a big role in the health of your child’s smile.
  • Airway and Sleep Disordered Breathing Assessments – Many children suffer from a narrowed airway, which can lead to other health problems.
  • Emergency Dentistry – In most cases, we’ll fit your child into our schedule the same day for fast treatment.
  • Custom Mouthguards – Protect your little one’s smile from injury during sports or from teeth grinding.

Call our pediatric dentist in North Juanita, WA today at 425-800-0578 to make an appointment for your child. You can also schedule online.